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Bürkle benefits from planning tables and process integration user report

Bürkle Baugruppe GmbH ( located in Schmiden-Fellbach, Germany, is well known as a reliable and competent manufacturer of concrete stairs and precast concrete elements, and has also established itself on the market as a successful construction company. Bürkle has worked in partnership with SOFTBAUWARE since 1999. The SOFTBAUWARE  system at Bürkle supports users in Germany and Poland.

An ERP system aids in standardised execution of business processes. enables us to model all business processes in a single application. For us at Bürkle, these include document management, CRM and business intelligence as well as the traditional ERP processes.

The sector solution we use allows CAD data to be entered in a preparatory work stage directly into production without complicated post-processing. The production data is, in turn, used in fully automated form for invoicing our products.

The app’s most important function for us is its graphical advanced planning for call-offs. This is state-of-the-art, designed as a distributed application that permits several planners in the same planning situation to execute changes. This is extremely important in our group of companies spread over a number of different locations. We have not encountered anything even remotely similar to this functionality in other software.

SOFTBAUWARE’s licensing model is a fair business deal. There are no license layout costs. Instead, a flat rate is charged for each user, who can then use all functions. This gives us maximum flexibility in designing our business processes. An important aspect for us: If, for instance, for economic reasons, we had fewer users for a period of time, our app cost would also be lower. As such, we have "variablised"application costs. We also consider this fair conduct that is seldom found in the software industry.

And finally, the software’s most important feature –its adaptability through the integrated development environment supplied free of charge along with it. Our business processes are in part very specific to our company. With the training we received from SOFTBAUWARE, we can undertake any necessary system changes ourselves. And so far these changes were 100% release-stable. We are extremely satisfied with these modern tools.

Michael Bürkle, Managing Director at Bürkle-Baugruppe GmbH