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Working with our software pays off

 We thank our customers for their trust

Our customers belong to the innovative middle class. Installations with user numbers from 20 to 1,500 users show the wide range of possible applications. Here is an excerpt from our reference list:

Prefabricated houses
  • Object scheduling, construction phase planning
  • Calculation
  • Construction and installation
  • Materials management
Metal construction
  • Schedule of prices and services
  • production data acquisition (PDA), staff work time logging
  • Measurements recording
  • Catalogue and calculation systems
  • Subcontractors
Building materials industry
  • Object management
  • Building schedule
  • Bidmanagement
  • Route scheduling
  • Weighing equipment integration

more ..

Wood processing
  • Procurement for large quantities
  • Quality monitoring in procurement
  • Mobile scanner in the warehouse
  • Interfaces
  • Tools and sequence planning
  • Batch and piece list management
  • Individual calculations, recalculation
  • Schedule of prices and services